Key Contacts

School Leadership, Accreditation, Strategic Planning

Dr. Wade Shaw

Student Affairs, Mercer on Mission, Campus Relations

Dr. Laura Lackey

Recruiting, Retention, Scholarship Challenge

Dr. Scott Schultz

Graduate Admissions and Graduate Student Affairs

Dr. Sinjae Hyun

Development, Gifts, Industry/Government Relations, National Engineering Advisory Board (NEAB)

Allen London

Career Services, Placement, Internships, Career Fairs

Charlene Leach

Budget, Finance, Purchase Orders

Denise Collins

Student Records, Room Reservations, Scheduling, Website

Trena Rogers

Building Maintenance, Machine Shop, Tooling

John Mullis

Electronics, Audio-Visual Equipment, Computers

Jeremy Barker

Honors Program

Dr. Phil McCreanor

Freshman Director

Dr. Loren Sumner

Research, Fellowships, Research Experience (REU), Engineering Expo, Director of MUSE Graduate Programs

Dr. Sinjae Hyun

Director of the Graduate Software Engineering Program

Dr. Paul MacNeil

Director of the Graduate Technical Communication Management Program

Dr. Pam Brewer

Director of the Engineering for Development (E4D) Program

Dr. Mike MacCarthy

Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Kevin Barnett

Chair of Environmental Engineering

Dr. Andre Butler

Chair of the Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Ed O'Brien

Chair of the Technical Communication

Dr. Helen Grady

Char of Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management 

Dr. Joan Burtner

Chair of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Hodge Jenkins

Civil Engineering Startup Coordinator Dr. Richard Mines