Faculty Subject Matter Expertise

Engineering Education, Systems Engineering, Project Management, Modeling & Simulation, Experiment Design & Research Methods, Product & Process Design, Quality Engineering

Dr. Wade H. Shaw

Appropriate Development of Self Supply and Water Treatment Schemes for the Majority World, Biological Treatment of Aromatics and Chlorinated Aliphatics, Performance Assessment, and Air Pollution Control Devices

Dr. Laura Lackey

Biomedical Instrumentation, Analog & Digital Electronic Design, Microcontroller Embedded Systems, VHDL-AMS, Biomedical Signal Processing

Dr. Ed O'Brien

Biofluid Dynamics, Computational Particle-Fluid Dynamics, Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems, Optimal Designs of Medical Devices,
Toxic or Therapeutic Aerosol Transport in the Respiratory System, Microfluidics applied to Biological Systems, and Biomedical Devices

Dr. Sinjae Hyun

Designing Orthopedic Implants, Designing Rehabilitative and Medical Devices for the Disabled, Biomaterials for Implants and Artificial Organs, Gait Analysis
Prostheses and Orthotics, Catheters, Laser Guided Surgery

Dr. Ha Van Vo

Radar Signal Processing, Statistical Signal Processing, Data Compression

Dr. Kevin Barnett

Robotics, Autonomous Mobile Robots, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Embedded Systems, Digital Design, Microcontrollers & Microprocessor Applications, Computer Architecture,

Dr. Anthony Choi

Computer Networks, Digital Logic, Computer Systems Design, Embedded Computer Systems

Dr. Donald Ekong

Electromagnetics, Microwaves, Fiber Optics/Lasers

Dr. Jeng-Nan Juang

Error Control Coding, Digital Communications, Wireless Networking; WiMAX & AeroMACS

Dr. Behnam Kamali

Nonlinear systems and control theory, Dynamics of interconnected nonlinear systems, Application of nonlinear control to various physical systems, Photonics and microelectronics, Photonic crystals, Optical amplifiers
Q-switched lasers, Semiconductor fabrication and characterization

Dr. Makhin Thitsa

Software Engineering, Applied Computational Intelligence

Dr. Paul MacNeil

Air quality monitoring, Particulate matter sources and control, Statistical analysis of air quality data, Air quality health effects, Geographic information systems

Dr. Andre Butler

Hydrology in Storm Water, Solid Waste Management, Geo Technology
Ground Water Hydrology, Hydrolics, Unsaturated Groundwater Flow, Leachate Recirculation, Bio-reactor Landfills, Remote Sensing Instrumentation

Dr. Phil McCreanor

Water and Wastewater Treatment, Biological Treatment Systems, Sludge Treatment & Disposal, Modeling Biological Nutrient Removal System

Dr. Richard Mines

Operations Research, Simulation, Production Control & Scheduling, Operations Management, Management Information System

Dr. Scott Schultz

Lean Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Retention of Women in Engineering, The Development and Assessment of Design Teams

Dr. Joan Burtner

Human-Machine Systems Engineering, Affective Human Factors, User-Centered Design, Innovation

Dr. Laura Moody

Manufacturing and Management, Computer Assisted Manufacturing Systems
Manufacturing Processes, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Robotics and Automation, Statistical Process and Quality Control, Total Quality Management, Design of Experiments and Taguchi Methods, Reliability and Maintainability, Work Measurement and Design

Dr. Radha Radharamanan

Thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, turbomachinery, numerical methods and applied mathematics,creative engineering design, service learning projects with Mercer On Mission, alternative energy and sustainability, PEM fuel cells, hydrodynamic stability, free-surface flows, and microfluidics

Dr. Loren Sumner

Particle transport and the reliability of debris tolerant systems, Fluid interaction with mechanical design specifically in downhole oilfield tools, Erosion modeling/testing, Phase change phenomena and material processing associated with high temperature, dense plasma, computational fluid dynamics

Dr. Stephen Hill

Development of new processes, products, machines, Controls and Automation, Robotics, Mechanical-electrical (mechatronic) systems,Automated metrology, Dynamic analysis, Acoustics of stringed instruments

Dr. Hodge Jenkins

Solid mechanics, Aerospace structures, Mechanics of composite materials, Continuum damage mechanics, Viscoelasticity, Constitutive modeling of elastomeric and polymeric composites

Dr. Dick Kunz

Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Thermal Systems Design, Thermal Contact Conductance, Thermal Property Measurement, Heat Transfer in Composite Materials

Dr. Bill Moses

Clocks and time recording

Prof. David McClellan

Technical Communication, Collaborative Learning, Distance Education
Systematic Instructional Design, Instructional Technology, Faculty Development

Dr. Helen Grady

Online rhetoric, Online pedagogy, Global virtual teams, Technical communication

Dr. Pam Brewer

Church and ministry technology, Problem-based learning, Technology in communication

Dr. Susan Codone

Technical Communication, Distance Education, Technical Editing, Software Usability, Research Methods

Dr. George Hayhoe

Technical Communication (the profession itself, academic programs), Distance Learning, Teaching & Learning Styles and Methods, Document Design, Usability

Dr. Marj Davis

Multifunctional Teaming, Assessment of Student Teams, Theory of Decision Making, Organization Theory, Practice of Engineering in Organizational Contexts

Dr. Dayne Aldridge

Machine design, CNC, tooling, metrology

John Mullis

Electronic systems, information technology, rapid prototyping, 3D printing

Jeremy Barker