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Mercer means Making a Difference...

Choosing the School of Engineering at Mercer University is perhaps one of the most important decisions a student can make. Not only will an engineering education provide invaluable skills and opportunity, but Mercer's learning environment emphasizes that students can use their gifts to make a difference—a goal we as educators share with you as parents and family members.Mercer School of Engineering

At Mercer, your child or family member will not be just a number in a class, but rather he or she will be known by name and face by his or her professors. We recognize that your child or family member has unique gifts and professional aspirations, and we have the resources to give each of them the personal attention needed to help cultivate these aspirations, thereby transforming students into confident, qualified professionals.

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What our Students are Saying

"Through the Industrial Experience program and the senior design class at the School of Engineering, I have been able to acquire real world experience in tackling engineering problems. While working at Mercer Engineering Research Center, I applied concepts from electrical classes to participate in completion of two government contracts. My senior design project focused on constructing a wheelchair attachment to enhance the independence of a child with spastic cerebral palsy. In each experience, I utilized my engineering training from Mercer University and was able to see tangible results for my efforts."
~Jamie Battle, Class of 2006

"Mercer University School of Engineering stands out from other engineering institutions because its resources are so accessible. The professors are always willing to help students with homework, curriculum questions, and career counseling. I can feel a definite sense of community by being here and attending the smaller, more intimate classes. We learn so many different engineering skills, which serves to help this school be a very successful engineering institution." ~April Bush, Class of 2007

"The class size at Mercer really stands out to me. It gives you a chance to get know the professors, but it also gives them a chance to get to know you. This creates connections that can help when you're looking at graduate schools or trying to find a job."
~Lauren Janelle, Class of 2007

Through an interview set up by the great people at career services, I recently acquired a job at Robins Air Force Base and was accepted into the Palace Acquire Leadership program for civilians with the Air Force. I feel the diverse education received from Mercer University School of Engineering set me apart from other engineers by allowing me to be knowledgeable in many subject areas and not just the mechanical engineering field that I specialized in.
~Byron Givens, Class of 2005

"Mercer stands out from other engineering schools because of world class academic staff and small, personal classes. I prize the individual relationships that are developed between professors and students that help me achieve more than would be possible at a larger university."
~Matthew Smith, Class of 2008