Mercer University
School of Engineering
Engineering Research Program

Engineering Research Program

Engineering Research Program 

Objectives of the Engineering Research Program

I. Foster Undergraduate Research

Be proactive for undergraduate research experiences during the academic year

  • Collect research opportunities at MUSE: Create a database to find research opportunities/be a mentor for undergraduates at MUSE
  • Promote collaboration with faculty at other colleges and schools at Mercer
  • Establish a Website to show activities of undergraduate research
  • Provide funding opportunities for undergraduate research activities
  • Promote summer research for undergraduate students
  • Information for research activities
    Research Experience for Undergraduates (Funded by NSF, DOE, and DOD)
    Summer Fellowships and Internships in public and private sectors

II. Engineering Expo

Organize annual Engineering Expo

  • Collaborate with Freshmen Design, Honors Program, Senior Design Instructors, and students’ organizations at MUSE
  • Collaborate with the Admissions
  • Prepare presentations, including poster printing (supported by TCO and student workers)
  • Communicate with the organizers of BEAR Day by the CLA

III. Engineering Research Showcase

Take strides in a national trend with our undergraduate research programs

Demonstrate undergraduate and graduate research activities for outside audiences, including upper levels of administration, the local community, and/or professional communities

Create a Website for undergraduate research activities and presentations