Engineering Research Program

Engineering Research Program 

Objectives of the Engineering Research Program

I. Foster Undergraduate Research

Be proactive for undergraduate research experiences during the academic year

  • Collect research opportunities at MUSE: Create a database to find research opportunities/be a mentor for undergraduates at MUSE
  • Promote collaboration with faculty at other colleges and schools at Mercer
  • Establish a Website to show activities of undergraduate research
  • Provide funding opportunities for undergraduate research activities
  • Promote summer research for undergraduate students
  • Information for research activities
    Research Experience for Undergraduates (Funded by NSF, DOE, and DOD)
    Summer Fellowships and Internships in public and private sectors

II. Engineering Expo

Organize annual Engineering Expo

  • Collaborate with Freshmen Design, Honors Program, Senior Design Instructors, and students’ organizations at MUSE
  • Collaborate with the Admissions
  • Prepare presentations, including poster printing (supported by TCO and student workers)
  • Communicate with the organizers of BEAR Day by the CLA

III. Engineering Research Showcase

Take strides in a national trend with our undergraduate research programs

Demonstrate undergraduate and graduate research activities for outside audiences, including upper levels of administration, the local community, and/or professional communities

Create a Website for undergraduate research activities and presentations