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At Mercer’s School of Engineering, our commitment to pushing the world forward goes beyond the physical—to the emotional—to the issues, problems and solutions that move us the most. We take a faculty member’s mission and make it into a prosthetic prototype that moves communities forward. When a school for the blind puts out a seemingly impossible ask, we turn high school memories into a sensory experience. We combine academic rigor and experiential learning with empathy and compassion—to help some of the best engineers in the country land some of the best jobs on the planet. At Mercer, we are moved to do more.


Academic Programs

The School of Engineering offers 9 undergraduate specialties and 13 graduate specialties that prepare students to serve rapidly changing industry demands and anticipate solutions to future challenges.

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Mercer Engineering Student

One thing I love about Mercer Engineering is that our engineers are cross-trained in multiple specialties. I know that with a Mercer Engineering degree, I will be able to find a job in a wide array of disciplines.

Mary Connell, BSE '20, MSE '21

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  • 750+

    Engineering students

  • 12

    Goldwater Scholars in 6 years

  • 9

    SMART Scholars in 7 years

Leading the Nation

No. 1 in Engineering Goldwaters

Mercer University leads all U.S. higher education institutions in the number of engineering students who received this year’s Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship with 3 winners of the nation’s most prestigious scholarship for undergraduates in science, mathematics, and engineering.

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Research and Innovation

At Mercer, we believe that theory and practice go hand-in-hand. We ask “how can this work better” and then search for answers together. We find what touches our hearts and minds, and then, collectively, we make it with our hands.