Prosthetic Limbs

MOM Vietnam

Serving through Mercer On Mission

Mercer On Mission in Vietnam was founded in 2009 after an Engineering professor came up with a plan to make a difference in communities in Vietnam who have been directly impacted by the Vietnam War. There are estimated to be 100,000 amputees living in Vietnam, with an additional 2,000 individuals losing limbs each year because of the unexploded landmines left after the Vietnam War.

Since the program began, Mercer faculty and students have fitted over 10,000 prosthetic legs for amputees in Vietnam. Recently, they have developed a prosthetic hand and have fit 247 hands since 2018.

During the regular service-learning trips to Vietnam, students and faculty work together to fit amputees with prosthetics and teach patients mobility skills. The group is able to immerse into Vietnamese culture and spend time assisting medical staff with other needs.

In the future, Mercer On Mission plans to expand to Cambodia to serve the amputee population in those communities. Engineering students and faculty hope to continue to grow the number of patients served with prosthetic legs, orthotic braces, and prosthetic hands.

The School of Engineering’s partnership with Mercer On Mission embraces our mission to directly impact the world around us. Through continued partnership and research, we hope to continue to enhance mobility in these areas.