Program Requirements

About the Graduate Program

By nature, electrical engineering requires intensive application of mathematics and computational tools. Mercer’s M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering program is designed to prepare students to apply these tools to engineering problems. Major areas of study include electronic circuits, communication systems, digital and computer systems, electromagnetics, digital signal processing, and others.

Each of these areas has its own sub-areas. For instance, communication systems include traditional analog communications, modern digital communications, wireless communication systems, coding theory, and other topics. Electromagnetics includes such areas as antennas, electromagnetic compatibility, microwaves, and transmission lines. Our M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering program gives qualified students the opportunity to pursue advanced study in these areas.

Program Requirements

Mercer’s M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering program requires a minimum of 30 credit hours, 18 of which must be at the 600 level. The program can be completed with either a thesis or an all-coursework option. If you select the thesis option, a maximum of 6 hours of research may be counted toward your degree.

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering core: 18 hours
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering or other engineering courses: 6 hours
  • Thesis or other approved Electrical and Computer Engineering course: 6 hours


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