Program Requirements

About the Major

Mercer’s industrial engineering major prepares students to use techniques such as application of probability and statistics, modeling and simulation, and optimization methods to analyze engineering problems. Engineering design in the industrial specialization places special emphasis on factors such as ergonomics, safety, and engineering economics.

Through Mercer’s industrial engineering major, students develop a solid foundation in 4 main areas:

  • Management Science: The application of mathematical techniques to solve management problems
  • Ergonomics: The study and design of the interaction between humans and machines
  • Manufacturing: The design of systems and processes for quality production
  • Quality: The application of statistical methods and managerial principles to improve the quality of products and services

This broad base provides industrial engineering majors at Mercer with a solid and varied background as they pursue a career in the wide-ranging field of industrial engineering.

Program Requirements

  • General Education: 32 hours
  • Engineering Core: 45 hours
  • Required Industrial Engineering (ISE) Courses: 31 hours
  • Industrial Engineering (ISE) Concentration Areas: 15 hours
  • Professional Electives: 6 hours
  • Total: 129 hours

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