Program Requirements

About the Major

Mercer’s civil engineering major covers the fundamentals of engineering, emphasizes the basic principles, and educates students in the use of these principles to reach optimal design solutions for engineering problems.

Opportunities for civil engineering students to deepen and broaden their technical education exist through several avenues, including faculty-led research, Mercer On Mission, or through the pursuit of a minor in Engineering for Development.

Program Requirements

  • General Education: 32 hours
  • Engineering Core: 45 hours
  • Required Civil Engineering (CVE) Courses: 25 hours
  • Required Environmental Engineering (EVE) Courses: 10 hours
  • Required Courses outside of Civil Engineering (CVE) and Environmental Engineering (EVE): 5 hours
  • Civil (CVE) and Environmental (EVE) Engineering Electives: 9 hours
  • Technical Electives: 3 hours
  • Total: 129 hours

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