Program Requirements

About the Graduate Program

The future undoubtedly holds more complex embedded systems, and Mercer’s M.S.E. in Computer Engineering program prepares students with the wide range of knowledge and skills needed to design them. Students study:

  • Software engineering
  • Hardware design
  • Electronic interfacing
  • Computer networks for distributed systems
  • Computer architecture

Our M.S.E. in Computer Engineering program is uniquely positioned alongside our M.S.E. in Software Engineering and M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering programs, giving students both breadth and depth of exposure.

Program Requirements

Our M.S.E. in Computer Engineering requires a minimum of 30 credit hours, at least 18 of which must be at the 600 level. Additionally, your 30 credit hours must meet the following criteria:

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering: 9 hours
  • Software Engineering/Software Systems: 9 hours
  • Additional Electrical, Computer, or Software Engineering courses: 6 hours
  • Thesis or other approved graduate coursework: 6 hours

Apply Now

To access the application for graduate admission and the list of application requirements, deadlines, and details, visit the Graduate Admissions page.