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Everyday Impact

The professional activities of electrical engineers directly affect the lives of most of the world’s population every day. Electrical engineers are responsible for the design and development of:

  • Digital computers
  • Telephone networks and communication systems
  • Radio and television transmitters and receivers
  • Automatic control systems
  • Electric power generation and distribution systems

Within the broad scope of these systems, electrical engineers are concerned with a challenging and diverse array of design and development problems, and function as prime movers in the “high tech” age.

Strategic Design

The development of the microprocessor has expanded opportunities for electrical engineers to improve the design of familiar products such as automobiles, consumer and office equipment, entertainment systems, communication systems, test and measurement instruments, and various machine tools.

Electrical engineers design:

  • Minuscule semiconductor integrated circuits which contain many thousands of elementary devices
  • Systems for automatically controlling mechanical devices and a variety of processes
  • Satellite communication links
  • Biomedical instrumentation for patient monitoring systems for hospitals and medical research

Learn from the Best

Electrical engineering majors benefit from the guidance of our experienced team of faculty members.


By being an engineer at Mercer, I have been able to get to know many great professors and peers. Mercer has given me the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in labs, projects, and clubs like Mercer IEEE and Mercer Robotics Club. Overall, Mercer Engineering has given me the tools to pursue any career path I want.

Scotty Munsey, Electrical Engineering '21

Electrical Engineering Major Scotty Munsey

The electrical engineering program is supported by professors with a diverse set of engineering backgrounds that gives students many different perspectives in the electrical engineering field. It has given me knowledge on a broad amount of subject matter that I now apply to real-life engineering scenarios.

Caitlin Patton, Electrical Engineering '20

Electrical Engineering Caitlin Patton

I knew going into college I wanted a small engineering school where I would be more than just another number, and that’s exactly what I found at Mercer. My experience in the electrical specialization has been great. The professors really show how much they care that you are learning, not just getting a good grade.

Griffin Murphy, Electrical Engineering '21

My experience at Mercer taught me to efficiently allocate my time such that I perform for my customer, meet all contractual deadlines, and provide a product that meets or exceeds all expectations.

Bryson Saunders, Electrical Engineering '19

Professional licensure

All of Mercer’s programs that lead to licensure are designed to meet the educational requirements of regulatory authorities in the State of Georgia. If you intend to seek licensure or certification outside of Georgia, please review Mercer’s professional licensure disclosure for more information.