Engineering for Development Graduate Concentration

Think Beyond the Classroom

Any Mercer Engineering graduate student can pursue a concentration in Engineering for Development.

The Engineering for Development (E4D) graduate concentration prepares students for careers as engineering professionals in the humanitarian and development sectors, and has an international focus that includes Master’s thesis field research carried out in a developing community. The focus of the E4D program is sustainable solutions for people and the environment, with an emphasis on improving the lives of under-served populations, both locally and internationally. All engineering courses offered by this program focus on appropriate, sustainable solutions.

Course Requirements for the Graduate Concentration

Engineering Courses (9 credit hours)

  • EVE 511. Environmental Engineering for Development
  • EVE 512. Green Engineering
  • EVE 611. Research Methods in Engineering for Development

Master’s Thesis (6 credit hours)

E4D-related Master’s Thesis approved by the program director

This thesis can be based on data collected while being a Peace Corp Volunteer (or during other extended work/service opportunities in developing communities).