Computer Engineering, M.S.E.

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Build for the Future

Computer engineering centers around embedded systems that are in the design of digital and computer systems. These embedded systems are prevalent all around us, and today, there are more embedded computers than desktop computers. They can be found in:

  • Data transmission systems of wireless and wired digital networks
  • Fuel injection system for cars
  • Flight control system for airplanes
  • Motion control and sensor system for robots
  • Control and protection systems of nuclear power plants
  • Low-cost toys and kitchen appliances

Broaden Your Knowledge

Mercer’s M.S.E. in Computer Engineering program exposes graduate students to a full range of knowledge and skills around embedded systems:

  • Software engineering
  • Hardware design
  • Electronic interfacing
  • Computer networks for distributed systems
  • Computer architecture

Work with the Best

Computer engineering graduate students benefit from the guidance of our experienced team of faculty members.