Department of Mechanical Engineering

Where Engineering Meets Machinery

As a Mechanical Engineer at Mercer, experience the thrill of engineering meeting machinery. Our department will challenge and equip you to apply basic fundamentals and principles to a variety of engineering problems, all with the goal of reaching the optimal solution.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

  • B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering — Join our program and be prepared to enter the field of mechanical engineering as a competitive engineer thanks to knowledge gained on a variety of topics, including statics, dynamics, design, mechanics, heat transfer, and materials science.
  • M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering — Study mechanics, thermal sciences, and materials for 30 semester hours. Pursue advanced studies in each of these 3 content areas using intense application of mathematical and computational tools for problem solving.

Departmental Honors

Outstanding Graduate 2020


Mechanical Engineering Alum Chanah Bremar

Chanah Bremar

Hometown: St. George’s, Bermuda
Majors: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Business Administration
Undergraduate Research: In the MAE 402L lab, Chanah enjoyed performing a heat treatment for samples of AISI 4140 steel. She and her group performed all parts of the lab, with the approval of their lab instructor, including: researching and constructing the plan, designing the experiment, and then collecting and analyzing the results. It was a great experience that demonstrated the transition from theory to practical works in mechanical engineering.
Plans after Graduation: Chanah plans to study at the University of Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland, to pursue a Master’s in Sustainable Energy. This degree is the next step towards her goal of becoming licensed as a Chartered Engineer, which is the UK equivalent of Professional Engineer in the US.

“The Mercer Engineering environment cultivated, enhanced, and made me realize my strengths as a engineer…especially my ability to understand and construct solutions to any problem. The School of Engineering and its professors have definitely made me a more confident and capable engineer.”