What Moves Us Moves the World

At Mercer’s School of Engineering, our commitment to pushing the world forward goes beyond the physical—to the emotional—to the issues, problems, and solutions that move us the most.

We take a faculty member’s mission and make it into a prosthetic prototype that moves communities forward. When a school for the blind puts out a seemingly impossible task, we turn high school memories into a sensory experience. We combine academic rigor and experiential learning with empathy and compassion—to help some of the best engineers in the country land some of the best jobs on the earth. At Mercer, we are moved to do more.

Engineering for Development

National Recognition

Consistently ranked among the nation’s top undergraduate engineering programs by U.S. News & World Report, Mercer Engineering gives students access to professors who know them personally and a curriculum that delivers exceptional value, both in breadth and depth of its scope.

While at Mercer, students compete in national engineering competitions, gain public exposure for successful senior design projects, present at societal conferences, and earn some of the nation’s most competitive scholarships and fellowships.

Engineering Research

Purposeful Research

At Mercer Engineering, we believe that research extends beyond the lab. Our students are moved to create innovative solutions to real-life challenges…starting their first year on campus.

Through student-centered, faculty-guided research initiatives, we are making advancements in knowledge that prepare students to address future challenges all around the world.

Engineering Alum at General Motors

Meaningful Outcomes

When our students graduate, they are equipped with years of practical research and work experience that translates to impressive employment opportunities.

Mercer Engineering alumni are working at some of the nation’s top industry leaders, such as AT&T, General Electric Company, General Motors, Georgia-Pacific, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, Lockheed Martin, and more.