Software Systems, M.S.

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Build Complex Systems

Students in the M.S. in Software Systems graduate program learn breadth and depth in techniques for defining, analyzing, and solving complex problems. They learn to communicate technical aspects of those solutions to technical audiences.

Our program teaches students to:

  • Conduct a software development or maintenance project throughout its entire life cycle, including requirements analysis, object-oriented design, object-oriented programming, and testing, using iterative, incremental processes
  • Develop high-quality lower-level designs using Refactoring
  • Create or improve higher level designs using Design Patterns
  • Program proficiency in Java, C++, or C#
  • Develop capabilities in areas such as software architectures, software testing, and/or software security
  • Apply agile software development processes
  • Perform data science analyses in a language such as Python

Note: The M.S. in Software Systems is offered online as Distance Learning (DL) program. Mercer University complies with applicable state and federal regulations pertaining to DL programs and enrollment in these programs depends on the state laws where the student resides. Mercer University may not be able to offer these programs in your state. Contact us to discuss this as part of your application.

Work with the Best

Software Systems graduate students benefit from the guidance of our experienced team of faculty members.