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Biomedical Engineering Student Achievement

Dr. Sinjae Hyun (Associate Professor and Director of Engineering Research), six 6 BME students, and Dr. Kenneth Harper (The Vein Specialists of the South, Macon GA) attended a 3 day-long medical device design program in Coral Gables, Florida (August 13 - 16, 2015).   BMES Coulter College is a training program focused on translation of biomedical innovations.  Student design teams are guided by faculty and clinical experts through a highly dynamic process designed to help them better understand how innovations can meet clinical needs while providing tools and approaches to evolve novel solutions.  The program is supported by the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation.

This year 35 universities and colleges applied for the program and Mercer Engineering was one of 20 universities that was selected including Georgia Tech, John Hopkins, University Virginia, Penn State, Drexel, Wichita, Florida State, and others.   There were 6 BME students representing Mercer University – Ryan Deruiter, Chris Murdock, Meredith Owen, Billy Pocock, Lauren Reagin, and Andrew Roy. Our design topic was a medical device related to a laparoscopic surgical tools. The team spent more than 40 hours to design the final device during the program.  The Mercer Design Team won two prizes – Best Design Team and Best Final Pitch/Presentation Team!

We are very proud to participate in the BMES Coulter College 2015 with our Mercer BME Design Team and thank Dr. Hyun for his leadership as the design advisor and Dr. Kenneth Harper for his support as the clinical advisor. 

Please join me in congratulating our Mercer Engineering team!

2015 BMES Coulter College Mercer Team


Mercer Design

Student Research Presentation at 2012 Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Meeting

Mercer Engineering students presented their research results at 2012 BMES Annual Meeting held at the World Congress Center in Atlanta on October 24-27. 

"Computational and Experimental Measurements of Inhaled Aerosol Deposition in Simplified Dry and Moist-and-Temperature-Controlled  Mouth-Throat Airway Models"

Daniel DoHyun Yoon, Senior BME with Young-Eun Hyun, BME at Yale University


 "Experimental Study of Micron-sized Aerosol Deposition Within a Subject-specific Human Airway Model"

Anthony Fratino, Senior BME

DSCF1614Ngoc Nguyen