Engineering Expo

The purposes of the Engineering Expo and other research events are to: 

  1. Recognize the discovery, creativity, and inquiry-based scholarship and entrepreneurial talents of MUSE students;
  2. Encourage undergraduate research as a way of learning and of positioning oneself for admission to graduate or professional schools or for excellent career opportunities;
  3. Applaud the hard work and dedication of students and faculty mentors;
  4. Cultivate the next generation of research mentors;
  5. Provide the greater community, including high school students, with information about Mercer’s Engineering programs, as well as the vibrant MUSE community feel
  6. Create networks with more MUSE students, faculty, families, and friends.

These events include conference style podium/poster presentations and a design competition. Presentations include senior design projects, Honors projects, undergraduate/graduate research projects, and course projects.