M.S.E. Computer Engineering

Program Description

Computer Engineering centers around embedded systems that are in the design of digital and computer systems which are part of a larger whole. Real-time constraints are also present in many embedded systems. At this time, there are many more embedded computers than desktop computers. They are in the data transmission systems of wireless and wired digital networks, in the fuel injection system for cars, in the flight control system for airplanes, in the motion control and sensor system for robots, in the control and protection systems of nuclear power plants and now appear prominently as components in low-cost toys and kitchen appliances. The future undoubtedly holds many more complex embedded systems.

The design of embedded systems requires a range of knowledge and skill. Specifically, software engineering, hardware design, electronic interfacing, computer networks for distributed systems and computer architecture are all important knowledge areas in computer engineering. In the context of a graduate program which has a software engineering program and an electrical engineering program, computer engineering at Mercer offers the full range of topics listed above and fills in with courses which integrate the areas.

The master's degree in computer engineering will provide students with the opportunity to pursue advanced study in these areas.

The master of science in engineering curriculum requires that at least 18 of the 30 credits be at the 6XX level. In addition, the master of science in engineering in computer engineering curriculum requires that the 30 credit hours meet the following constraints:

ECE XXX Approved ECE graduate coursework (9 hours)
SSE XXX Approved SSE graduate coursework (9 hours)
Other approved graduate coursework or thesis (12 hours)


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Graduate Program Director

Dr. Kevin Barnett