M.S.E. Mechanical Engineering

Program Description

The three major areas comprising mechanical engineering are mechanics, thermal sciences, and materials. Solutions to advanced problems in each of these areas and to more complex problems involving all of these areas require intensive application of mathematics and computational tools. The M.S.E. program in mechanical engineering provides qualified students the opportunity to pursue advanced study in these three areas.

The academic program requires a total of 30 semester hours of credit. In order to provide appropriate depth within the field of study, six courses in mechanical engineering subjects are required. All students are required to take either MAE 604, Engineering Analysis, or MAE 608, Mechanical Engineering Applications of Partial Differential Equations. Both of these courses include basic techniques of analysis and should be taken as early in the student's program as is practicable.

The master of science in engineering in mechanical engineering curriculum requires that a total of 30 semester hours of graduate coursework be completed. The program can be arranged with either a thesis option or an all coursework option.

Mechanical Engineering Minor

Students desiring a minor in mechanical engineering must arrange to take a minimum of nine semester hours of MAE prefixed 600 level courses. All minor programs of study must be approved by the mechanical engineering program director.


Mercer University
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Graduate Program Director

Dr. Loren Sumner