Engineering for Development

Mercer University’s School of Engineering strives to be a global leader in Engineering for Development (E4D) education, applied research, and service. The Engineering for Development (E4D) program prepares students to become leaders in implementing sustainable solutions for people and the environment, with an emphasis on improving the lives of under-served populations. Building upon Mercer’s significant history of working with local and international communities to improve health and livelihoods, the E4D program provides undergraduate and graduate students with the appropriate skills to work as engineering professionals in the humanitarian and development sectors, both internationally and domestically.

Engineering Global Reach

Global Reach: Mercer University engineering faculty combine to have worked in over 30 countries (highlighted in orange)

For any questions about the Engineering for Development undergraduate minor, please contact:              
Michael F. MacCarthy, Ph.D.
Program Director, Engineering for Development
Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering
Mercer University or +1 478 301 5480