Engineering for Development Undergraduate Minor

All undergraduate students in Mercer University's School of Engineering are eligible to apply Global outreach in Kenyato the E4D minor program.

The Engineering for Development (E4D) minor provides students with the appropriate skills to work as engineering professionals in the humanitarian and development sectors, both internationally and domestically. The focus of the E4D program is sustainable solutions for people and the environment, with an emphasis on improving the lives of under-served populations, both locally and internationally. All engineering courses offered by this program focus on appropriate, sustainable solutions, and are complemented by other relevant undergraduate courses offered within the University.

Requirements for the Undergraduate Minor

1.  Engineering Courses     6 credit hours
EGR 410. Engineering for Development 
EVE 412. Green Engineering

2.  Behavioral/Social Science Courses     6 credit hours
Two behavioral/social science courses that functionally support the Engineering for Development ideology. See the Engineering for Development Program Director to agree upon a two-course plan (6 credit hours) that meets the requirements for the minor.

3.  E4D-approved Mercer On Mission     6 credit hours
Current programs include: Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Guyana, and South Korea.
4.  Successful completion of a Senior Design I and II project having a development focus
The capstone design project must be approved by the Engineering for Development Program Director.

*Note: coursework and Mercer on Mission service work completed for the minor can also count towards the requirements for the Peace Corps Prep Certificate.

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