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The School of Engineering at Mercer University produces outstanding engineering graduates who are ready to work and who are known for their communication, teaming and leadership skills as well as for their breadth and depth in their technical disciplines.  Students enjoy small classes, a comfortable study environment, and close relationships with the faculty.

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Mercer graduates are valued by employers and our program includes:

  • Strong teaming and leadership skills: A teaming thread is integrated into the program from the freshman through the senior year.
  • Strong communication skills: Technical communication is integrated into all four years of the curriculum.  This includes writing, speaking, and use of technology for communication.
  • Strong breadth in engineering: The Mercer Engineering program includes a core curriculum in engineering knowledge across key technologies in mechanical, electrical, software and industrial systems.  We prepare a broadly educated engineer who is ready to work in an interdisciplinary environment.
  • Strong depth in each discipline: Mercer Engineering offers in-depth coverage of specialties within the disciplines of Biomedical, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering.
  • And, they graduate ready to work or continue to graduate school: Each student completes a year-long experience in which their team completes an interdisciplinary senior design project with a unique and real technical challenge.  Students often participate in internships with sponsors from industry during summers and build impressive resumes that show they are ready to work.  A popular option is our 4+1 Graduate Program where juniors apply to complete a Masters Degree along with their undergraduate degree in 5 years.  Other students continue to graduate programs at Mercer or to other universities. 

Technical Communication is both a major at Mercer and a burgeoning field within the larger communication industry.   Essentially, technical communication is the practice of conveying timely, technical information to specific audiences through written documents, websites, multimedia, usability testing, instructional design, training, and editing.  After all, communication is the skill most important to success in any career, and Mercer’s technical communication degree equips students to be excellent communicators across a wide range of careers.

Students attracted to Tech Comm enjoy math, science, English, writing, are good speakers, love to work with computers, like designing websites and multimedia, and work well in both teams and alone.  They typically score well in both quantitative and verbal areas and enjoy the technical, scientific, and human side of life.   

Our graduates work in fields such as graphic, web, and multimedia design, new media and social networking, instructional design, technical editing and writing, proposal and grant writing, usability testing, and human and computer interaction.  They work for employers such as Microsoft, Cox Communications, GEICO, Siemens, Coca-Cola, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Bluebird, and even Chick-Fil-A, designing communication products and implementing training. 

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