Graduate Admissions

Certain basic requirements must be met for admission to all of the graduate programs offered by the Mercer University School of Engineering. These requirements are intended to ensure that profitable graduate study will result from admission. Students may be admitted to the graduate program with "Full,'' "Conditional,'' "Non-degree '' or "Transient'' graduate standing.

Admission of undergraduate students to the integrated Master of Science in Engineering program is only open to Mercer students. The school limits enrollment to students whose grade point average at the end of their junior year is equal to or greater than 3.2. Students must also have the appropriate undergraduate engineering background for the graduate program they select, and must be approved by the department chair.

Download the application form. The application fee is $75 for all students. A checklist of items that must be submitted with your application includes:

1. Mail Your Completed Application Form to the address below:

Mercer University School of Engineering
Graduate Office
1501 Mercer University Drive
1200 Prince Street (if using express mail)
 Macon, GA 31207

2. Submit the $75 Application Fee (nonrefundable), by Cashier’s Check or Certified Check made out to the Mercer University School of Engineering.

3. Recommend to submit Your Official GRE Test Scores (verbal and quantitative), School Code is 5409 (not required for MS in Technical Communication Management applicants).

4. Submit Two Official Sets of Transcripts from each College or University Attended

5. Submit 2 or 3 Letters of Recommendation (two letters of recommendation, one letter of intent, and a resume' are required for MS in Technical Communication Management applicants)

6. International Students must submit

  • Transcripts Evaluated by a Third Party Evaluator
  • Official TOEFL Scores
  • Certificate of Proficiency from English as a Second Language (ELS) Center

Priority Deadlines

November 1 and April 1 have been established as priority deadlines for the spring and summer/fall semesters, respectively. For international students, the priority deadlines are July 15 and March 1 for the spring and fall semesters, respectively. Students who submit all of their documents for admission by these dates will receive a decision within two weeks.

International Students

English Proficiency

All international students whose native language is not English must submit a Certificate of Proficiency from the Mercer University English Language Institute (ELI) or results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Certificate of Proficiency from English as a Second Language (ELS) Language Center. The minimum acceptable TOEFL score is 80 IBT (internet- based TOEFL), 213 CBT(computer- based TOEFL), or 550 for the paper-based test (PBT), or IELTS score of 6.5. English proficiency at ELS Level 112 is expected.


Australia, Bahamas, Belize, Canada (except Quebec), Dominica, Grenada, Cayman Islands, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, Liberia, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, United Kingdom

International Transcript Requirements

All international students must have their foreign academic credentials evaluated by an International Transcripts Evaluator such as World Educational Services (WES) or JS&A (Silny) and have the evaluation company submit the evaluation directly to the School of Engineering Graduate Division. The School of Engineering cannot accept transcript evaluations mailed by the student.

Admission Categories

Full Admission

The requirements for admission with "Full'' graduate standing are as follows:

  1. Submit a completed application along with application fee. Have original transcripts submitted directly from the institution to Mercer University School of Engineering.
  2. Must submit a minimum of two, but preferably three letters of recommendation for admission into the Master of Science in Engineering, and Master of Science in associated programs. The letters must come from a professor or supervisor under whom the applicant has studied, taught, or worked. This individual must be able to comment on the applicant's qualifications for graduate study. You may use this form in lieu of letters of recommendation.
  3. Hold a bachelor's degree in an appropriate field from an ABET accredited program, but applicants will be considered with an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution or its equivalent internationally.
  4. Have an earned undergraduate GPA of 3.0 overall.
  5. Recommend to submit GRE score on the general section of the test. A combined score of 300 for the verbal and quantitative portions of the GRE or higher is expected for admission into the Mercer University Graduate School of Engineering. Mercer University undergraduate students applying for the dual BSE/MSE program are exempt from this requirement.
  6. Meet all additional specific departmental requirements, if any.

Conditional Admission

Applicants who fail to satisfy all the conditions for full admission may be accorded "Conditional'' standing upon recommendation of the concerned department chairman. Upon admission, appropriate conditions will be defined and must be met to achieve "Full'' standing. Once the defined conditions are satisfied, the student must petition the Graduate Committee for advancement to "Full'' standing. Students must attain "Full'' graduate standing to be graduated with the MSE or MS degree.

Provisional Admission

Applicants to the graduate program may be admitted provisionally until all application materials are received in the Graduate Programs office. Once materials are received, the student's file is reviewed for appropriate acceptance status.

Non-degree Status

Students who do not wish to pursue an advanced degree in the School of Engineering, but whose undergraduate record indicates that they are otherwise qualified for admission, may take graduate courses as a non-degree student. Such courses will not normally apply toward a Mercer degree.

Transient Admission

Students in good standing at other universities may enroll in the School of Engineering as "Transient'' graduate students. Such students must file an application for admission and provide verification of good standing status from their own graduate dean. Work undertaken in this status will not normally apply toward a Mercer degree.


Students who interrupt the continuity of their graduate programs by failing to register for two consecutive terms, (summer term excepted), must seek readmission by filling out a Request for Readmission by August 1 for the Fall term, December 1 for the Spring term, and May 1 for Summer term. Students admitted to the School of Engineering graduate program who do not enter in the term for which they applied, and subsequently wish to be considered for a later term, must reactivate their application for the new semester by notifying the Graduate Programs office in the School of Engineering at least two weeks before the beginning of that term.