Mercer Engineering AlumniAlumni Information

Mercer University School of Engineering is a relatively young school, so all of our alumni are very important to us. It's important for you to remain in touch for these reasons:

  1. Networking -- keeping up relationships with your professors, your friends and colleagues; sharing events and accomplishments in your career and life; finding out about new professional opportunities.
  2. Collaboration -- having a ready resource of experts to call upon when you need help
  3. Service -- helping potential new students and young engineering professionals who want contact with engineers working in their field of study.
  4. Program Assessment -- ABET now requires us to keep up with alumni, periodically gathering feedback on how well they perceive the program has prepared them as they move into the different phases of their careers.

Please contact us today if you need to update your name, address at home or at work, e-mail address, or personal information. If you prefer to communicate by phone, you may call Jill Kinsella in University Advancement at (478) 301-4169.