Biomedical Engineering Specialization

Biomedical Specialization

The goals of the biomedical specialization are to: produce graduates who can effectively accomplish biomedical engineering design and analysis; produce graduates who can effectively communicate orally and in writing; produce graduates who can successfully compete with other engineers in their first engineering position; and to provide a curriculum that exceeds minimum recognized standards for engineering education

Owing to the technical complexities of and team-oriented approach to solving medical problems, biomedical engineering students study the basic sciences, mathematics, and engineering common among traditional engineering fields. Beyond this, they study the life sciences and how traditional engineering can be used to understand, analyze, and design physiological and medical systems. Specific components of the curriculum are outlined in the following section.

In recognition of the expectations of employers, all biomedical specialization students are required to select elective courses and curricular paths that allow them to explore engineering or medical sciences in more detail. Among these options at the bachelor’s level are the pre-medical or the science course requirements or a minor in at least one of the other engineering specializations. Qualified students are strongly encouraged to pursue post baccalaureate education whether in a medical or other professional school, or in graduate school, all of which are available at Mercer.

Mercer’s 4+1 Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) in Biomedical Engineering degree is available to the top academic students and also includes the emphasis of minoring in another engineering discipline. The emphasis of this degree is on the practice of engineering. Students accepted into the MSE program begin combined BSE and MSE studies at the beginning of their senior year. The two degrees are awarded simultaneously upon graduation. The master of engineering degree may also be used as a stepping stone for advanced graduate education at other institutions.