Student / Employer Connections

The School places a strong emphasis on forming connections between students and employers. Several School-wide programs exist to help students in their pursuits of real-world experience.

  • The co-operative education program allows students to alternate semesters of on-campus academic coursework with periods of on-the-job training.
  • Internships place students in engineering environments, performing day-to-day assignments with some of the most prestigious companies in the country.
  • The Initial Industrial Experience Program encourages freshmen and sophomores to acquire a better understanding of engineering by working under a practicing engineer during the summer for academic credit.

Additionally, students gain a great deal of real-world experience during their senior design sequences, year-long projects completed students' senior years on which teams of students collaborate to solve a company problem or challenge for real world clients in industry.

Differentiating the School from other engineering institutions is the strong support provided by the National Engineering Advisory Board as well as the Mercer Engineering Research Center.

Finally, Mercer's Center for Career and Professional Development helps to match students with employers for part-time positions as well as full-time positions post graduation.