Mechanical Engineering Specialty

Mechanical Specialization

Mechanical engineering is a global force for good. In this age of computerized and miniaturized everything, there is very often a machine in the background, and someone has to design and build it. Cranes, planes, nuclear reactors...even the food processor in your kitchen was designed by a mechanical engineer. You can go all over the world and find interesting and challenging jobs in the field of mechanical engineering.

What makes Mercer's mechanical engineering program stand out? We have small classes (generally less than 25 students), all taught by professors. No teaching assistants. And those professors are available to meet you outside of class when you need help with your homework, need advice on which career path you might follow, or even just want to talk.

Our graduates have gone to work for Georgia Power, Milliken, Boeing, Frito-Lay... the list goes on. Some of our graduates have gone on to graduate schools, such as Purdue, Georgia Tech, and West Virginia. So our program will prepare you equally well for success in graduate school or in the workplace.

To top it all off, the engineering school at Mercer is “one of the best undergraduate engineering programs in the Southeast” as identified byUS News and World Report.

As a mechanical engineering student, you will become a competitively educated engineer who can effectively use the principles of statics, dynamics, solid mechanics, machine design, thermodynamics, fluids mechanics, heat transfer, and materials science for the design and analysis of practical engineering systems. Also, mechanical engineers communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

You will learn the fundamentals of engineering, emphasizes basic principles, and educates the student in the use of these principles to reach optimal design solutions for engineering problems. Successful completion of our curriculum will prepare youfor a career in one of the many phases of the mechanical engineering profession, or for advanced education in graduate school.