Our MSTCM Students

Since our first students completed their degrees in 1997, more than 100 students have earned the MS in Technical Communication Management. In addition, more than 20 master's students in engineering have completed minors in technical communication management.

Here are some of their stories.

Ashley DavisAshley Davis (Atlanta , GA, 2016)

I chose the MSTCM program because the curriculum is focused on helping students gain valuable skills and knowledge that is applicable to their professional goals. I had already completed my certification in Communication but I wanted to become more well-versed in subject matters like visual communication, multimedia, and project management. Also, the flexibility of the program didn’t require me to sacrifice my already demanding career.  By title, I am an Operations Manager for a healthcare company but my responsibilities often require me to use the knowledge and skills I learned while enrolled in the MSTCM program. In addition to operations, my duties may involve document design, implementing new technology and processes, managing projects, and working with remote team members. The MSTCM program gave me the confidence to work with professionals from all backgrounds and the tools to manage any type of project.


Gail HartGail Hart (Cocoa, FL, 2014)

I am assistant manager for proposals in a workforce health management company and joined the MSTCM program in January 2012. I had an extensive background in graphic design, marketing and advertising design, and publication design. My experience included writing, editing, designing, and illustrating for technical manuals, proposals, Web sites, marketing collateral, and exhibits and displays. However, to remain marketable in a changing business environment and technological landscape, I needed to redefine my skills. The MSTCM program not only provided me with current and requisite challenges to sharpen my visual and technical communication skills, but it has also brought my career path and scholastic achievements full-circle to complement my AA in communication arts and BS in business management.

Jeff HusetJeffrey Huset (Minneapolis, MN, 2013)

As principal information developer at Symantec Corporation, even after more than 25 years as a manager, writer, trainer, and project leader, I felt that I needed a rigorous program that could test my skills, expand my knowledge of my profession, and challenge my beliefs in the methods and ethics of technical communication. Mercer's MSTCM program did all that and more. Now, as a graduate, I feel confident that I add value to every project I work on and that I am prepared to participate in shaping the future of tech comm. The friendships I made with the talented professors and classmates are priceless.


Doris PavlichekDoris Pavlichek (Frederick, MD, 2013)

I am a senior technical writer for Riverbed Technology in Maryland. With a background in network engineering and technical writing, I have used the skills I learned in the MSTCM program to plan training videos, estimate projects, and design end-user documentation based on sound technical communication principles and research. After Riverbed Technology purchased the company I was working for, the hot topic became "location-independent computing"—in other words, cloud computing. As part of the capstone course, my classmates and I wrote and presented original research on how cloud computing would affect technical communicators. Guess who was ready for the conversation with Riverbed?


Steve KorinekSteve Korinek (Grafton, WI, 2012)

I provide UX/UI design and usability testing for projects at Northwestern Mutual. I began my career as a graphic designer with a degree in visual communication. In 2006, I joined the UX/UI team after working on Web site projects that connected me for the first time to the end-users of my design solutions. I got to see real users struggle with my design decisions. That experience led me to realize that I had knowledge gaps that needed addressing so I could fully contribute. The MSTCM program helped me grow stronger as a UI/UX designer and consultant. I would highly recommend this program to others.


Dan PortwoodDan Portwood (Sterling, VA, 2009)

As a technical writer for a university-affiliated research center, I wanted to improve my ability to manage communication projects. In the MSTCM program, the discussion boards, online class meetings, and team projects allowed me to engage in deeper discussions with other professionals than would have been possible in a traditional classroom. Courses that systematically examined technical communication management methods, most of which meshed with work assignments, helped me improve the practices I had intuitively developed (improvised) during my career. The MSTCM program opened new paths for me, including project planning; usability testing; proposal writing; and instructional design for Web-based science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) teaching projects.


Debbie DavyDebbie Davy (Brampton, ON, Canada, 2008)

I run my own business management consulting practice in Toronto, Canada. I began the MSTCM program in 2005, and since graduation have been able to significantly advance my early career as a technical communicator into the broader field of business management. I used the knowledge gained from the program, as well as the MS degree credential, to expand my practice. Today, I serve clients in private and public sector industries as a subject matter expert. Further, thanks to the caliber of the Mercer degree and its role within the School of Engineering, I am pursuing a PhD program in technical communication and rhetoric. I could not have made it without the support of the world-renowned Mercer faculty.