Why Mercer

Earning Recognition

Mercer engineering students are well-known within the engineering community both during their time at Mercer and after graduation. Due to Mercer's small, close-knit learning environment, students benefit from greater attention from faculty which translates to greater engineering opportunities. While at Mercer, students compete in national engineering competitions as well as earn public exposure for successful senior design projects. Students both attend and present at societal conferences, providing them with excellent networking opportunities. Mercer's strong ties with the National Engineering Advisory Board (NEAB) allow students to showcase work at NEAB meetings and network with NEAB members.

Mercer graduates earn further recognition upon entering the workplace. The solid engineering foundation developed during their time at Mercer contributes to their positive work performances for which they receive personal and company accolades. Graduates also continue their societal involvements as professionals. 


Distinguishing Mercer's Engineering Program from those of other institutions is the focus our educators place on real-world experience, leading to employability upon graduation.

Unlike other institutions which implement theory first and practice second, at Mercer we believe the two go hand-in-hand. For this reason, students are given their first hands-on projects as freshmen. Students then build on their freshman experiences as they delve into their individual specialties. Class projects, honors projects, and co-oping offer further opportunities to which to apply engineering theory. This real-world emphasis culminates students' senior years when they complete senior design projects, year-long projects completed for clients in industry. 

Not only do these projects provide students with work experience, but they also provide valuable opportunities to develop skills in project management and working with teams. Thus, Mercer engineering graduates are not only well-prepared to enter the job market, but more importantly are coveted by employers for their many marketable skills and compensated with highly competitive salaries for their work. (View a listing of companies that hire Mercer students)

Making a Contribution

Mercer engineering students are characterized by their desires to make a contribution to the world. This internal motivator distinguishes the student population from that of other schools. Because students are focused on an overall long-term goal, they perform better in the classroom and, in turn, excel in industry after graduation. Employers recognize the rare balance these students bring to the workplace as they appreciate both the technical and emotional sides of engineering. To support students in this desire, Mercer educators heavily explore the application of technical elements. The one-on-one attention faculty are able to give to students further ensures students are well-equipped to tackle real-world issues.