Technical Communication

About the Major:

Technical communication is the process of making specialized information accessible to people who need to use it. Technical communicators employ digital and print media—instructional animations and videos, web sites, social media like Facebook and Twitter, and paper documents of all kinds—to help audiences better understand science, technology, medicine, and many other disciplines. They use skills in designing instructional materials, ensuring product usability, and technical editing in support of that goal.

  Technical Communication students

The BS in Technical Communication requires a total of 120 hours of coursework, including a full-time internship.


About the Minor:

The Technical Communication minor requires 15 hours of Technical Communication courses and makes a valuable addition to other Mercer undergraduate degrees. Requirements for the minor include TCO 285 (Document and Web Design), TCO 341 (Technical Communication), and three other 300- or 400-level Technical Communication courses.

About the Fifth-Year MBA Option:

Technical Communication majors who meet the pre-requisites for admission to Mercer's Stetson School of Business and Economics Master of Business Administration program may enroll in that program as rising seniors, taking a combination of bachelor's and master's courses during their fourth and fifth years. Both the BS in Technical Communication and the MBA are awarded at the completion of the fifth year.

Degree Tracks:

The BS in Technical Communication requires an area of specialization called a degree track. The track you select will provide you with additional knowledge and skills, and enable you to tailor your degree for the future you desire.


Extend your Technical Communication degree with a minor in business administration, accounting, or economics. Gain expertise in organizational operations, business decision-making, and management and marketing. (Students completing this track may be eligible for the 5-Year Integrated BS in Technical Communication/MBA program by taking additional course work and meeting admissions requirements.)


Combine your Technical Communication degree with the math and science courses required for admission to medical, dental, pharmacy, physical therapy, and veterinary schools.

Ministry Media and Technology

Apply your Technical Communication degree to ministry, preparing for work in churches or para-church organizations to develop and manage web design, social media, information systems, and worship and audio-visual technology. Students completing this degree track may be eligible for admission to Mercer's McAfee School of Theology and other seminaries.

Art and Photography

Combine your Technical Communication degree with a minor in art or photography, focusing on the principles of graphic design and photography to create both print and digital media.

Journalism and Media Studies

Enrich your Technical Communication degree with a minor in journalism and media studies, gaining additional expertise in digital media, video, public relations, journalism, and media law and ethics.

Computer Science and Information Technology

Add a minor in computer science or information science and technology to your Technical Communication degree, making yourself more flexible to employers by mastering the intricacies of programming, operating systems, databases, and networking.

Foreign Languages

Enhance your Technical Communication degree with a minor in French, Spanish, or German to allow you to work more effectively within multi-national organizations.

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Technical Communication

Department Faculty:

Dr. Helen Grady, Professor and Chair
Dr. Pam Brewer, Associate Professor
Dr. Bob Watson, Associate Professor
Dr. Jennifer Goode, Instructor
Lisa Newman, M.S., Instructor
Dr. Susan Codone, Associate Professor
Dr. George Hayhoe, Professor
Dr. Marj Davis, Professor Emerita


Dr. Helen Grady,, 478-301-2211
School of Engineering, Department of Technical Communication
Mercer University
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Macon, GA 31207

1.800.MERCERU x2211   
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