Dr. Scott Schultz

Professor of Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management

Senior Associate Dean

Engineering Professor Dr. Scott SchultzDr. Scott Schultz has more than 30 years of professional engineering, management, research, and teaching experience. He began his career at Ford Motor Company as an operations research analyst and held other engineering, programming and management positions. He then transitioned to academia and has been at Mercer University for more than 18 years. At Mercer, he has held positions as Chair of Industrial and Systems Engineering Department and as the Associate Dean of Engineering.


  • Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, North Carolina State University
  • M.E., Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering, North Carolina State University
  • B.S.I.E., Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Florida

Area(s) of Specialization

  • Discrete Event Simulation
  • Operations Research
  • Scheduling

Research/Professional/Teaching Interests

Dr. Schultz has provided planning, guidance, and direction in a variety of technical and research-oriented tasks ranging from Real-Time systems design to Operations Research modeling to procurement and scheduling applications. His most recent accomplishments include the origination and development of the RAMP Induction Schedule Analysis tool that assesses current and future facility requirements for Air Logistic Centers and predicts how induction schedules impact WIP and queuing of aircraft for Programmed Depot Maintenance. Other recent related accomplishments include the design and development of the Resource Constrained Activity Network (RCAN) planning tool that determines flow days for depot maintenance work packages using project scheduling heuristics and simulation.

Other Interests

Production of 3D Yearbooks for the visually impaired

Recent Publications

  • Berns, H., Monty, R., Dimopoulos, K., Martin, Z., Sannipoli, P., Bergmann-Paulsen, J., Garagic, D., Schultz, S. R., MacCarthy, M. F. (2018). Mercer Engineering Partnership With The United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot: Internships, Senior Design Projects, and Educational Outcomes. American Society of Engineering Education Southeast Conference. http://asee.cs.southern.edu/openconf/modules/request.php?module=oc_program&action=view.php&id=76&type=2&a=
  • MacCarthy, M. F., Berns, H. F., Monty, R. A., Brett, M. E., Dimopoulos, K. C.N., Martin, Z. L., Sannipoli, P., Messmer, N. J., Ibrahim, W., Schultz, S. R. (2018). Global Humanitarian Engineering Solutions: A Partnership between Mercer University and the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot. 2018 ASEE National Conference Proceedings. https://peer.asee.org/30560.pdf
  • Schultz, S. R., Biswas, P. (2018). Applications of Service Research within Industrial Engineering. 2018 ASEE-SE Conference Proceedings.
  • Schultz, S. R., Biswas, P. (2017). Opportunistic Engineering – A Student Project That Keeps on Giving. 2017 ASEE Zone II Conference.
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Office: Science and Engineering Building 105