M.S.E. Engineering Management / M.S. Technical Management

Program Description

The Engineering/Technical Management Master's Degree program builds upon bachelor's degree preparation in several engineering disciplines and other technical programs such as physics, chemistry or quantitative business administration. Its purpose is to prepare people to successfully address supervisory and managerial needs in a technological environment. The engineering manager's role is viewed as the link between management and technical expertise, and involves matching resources in uncoordinated areas, working through people and making and implementing management decisions, while simultaneously formulating technical strategies.

This unique program combines the concepts of management and business administration with the technical expertise developed in engineering, mathematics and the quantitative sciences. Students will take courses in probability and statistics, operations management, operations research/simulation and manufacturing/quality management. They will also select several courses to build directly upon their bachelor's area of preparation.

The master of science in engineering in engineering management and the master of science in technical management curricula require that a total of 30 semester hours of graduate coursework be completed. The program can be arranged with either a thesis option or an all coursework option.


Mercer University
1400 Coleman Avenue
Macon, GA 31207

1.800.MERCERU x2349

Graduate Program Director

Dr. Laura Moody