Department of Technical Communication

Meet Tech Comm

Uniquely positioned within the School of Engineering, the Department of Technical Communication is designed to equip students with knowledge in communication management, information design, instructional design, technical editing, usability, and web design.

Technical communicators translate complex pieces of information into user-friendly content with strategic design for effective and clear communication.

News from Tech Comm

  • Congratulations to Dr. Philip B. Gallagher for receiving the 2024 Outstanding Teaching Award from the National Council of Teachers of English and the CCCC organization.  
  • Congratulations to Dr. Guiseppe Getto for being elected to the Society of Technical Communication board of executives. 
  • Thank you to Dr. Bremen Vance for contributions to the Mercer On Mission trip to the country of Georgia and working to support Ukrainian refugees.

Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

  • B.S. in Technical Communication — Learn to make essential information available through multiple mediums, including instructional videos, websites, social media, and paper documents. Help society better understand science, technology, and countless other disciplines.
  • Technical Communication minor — Enhance your undergraduate major with a minor in technical communication. Learn to analyze audiences for any type of communication, define their purpose, and design appropriate communication products to meet needs.
  • User Experience (UX) Research and Design minorAugment your undergraduate degree with a minor in UX research and design. Leverage user-centered research methods and design skills to innovate solutions to today’s problems in Tech, Psychology, Healthcare, e-Commerce, Engineering and more.  
  • M.S. in Technical Communication Management — Expand your knowledge and gain insight into the managerial duties of a technical communicator. Lead career-applicable projects to build your portfolio, enhance your career, and benefit your employer.
  • Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication – Advance your career and earn the Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication in 1-2 years.

Scholarship Opportunities